Officer Elections 2022

This Thursday, we will be voting for next year’s group of Junior Officers for our executive board. The five rising juniors you select will take up a position of leadership and service to help shape the University Chorale into the talented choir and welcoming family we know it to be for the next 2 years. This year, we have nine passionate candidates who wish to take up this responsibility.

Voting will take place after rehearsal at about 5:30 pm on Thursday, March 17th. Please ensure that you come to the elections (even if you cannot be at rehearsal) as these elections are pivotally important to how the chorale will run in years ahead, and we want everybody’s input. Really take the time to consider all candidates and elect the people you truly feel will do the best job running the chorale. Until then, each of the candidates has prepared a platform to tell you more about themselves and why they are running, which are posted below. Best of luck to all the candidates!