Officer Elections 2020!

This week, the chorale will elect next year’s Junior Officers. Those elected will ultimately be in a position of leadership so choose those you think will be the best for the job. Officers put in a lot of work to make chorale run as smoothly as it does.  We are lucky enough to have six candidates who are all passionate about Chorale!

Remember Choralers, voting is on Thursday, March 12th, and you must be in attendance to vote.  In the meantime, the candidates have created platforms so you can get to know them a little better; these are shown below.  Good luck to all of the candidates!

Meet our Choraler of the Week, Maddie Finnegan!

A new semester of chorale means a new Choraler of the Week! To start of our semester, meet our senior choraler, Maddie! Learn all about why she joined chorale, who would play her in a movie, what her dream job is, and more in the poster below!

Design: Annabel Hodson-Walker, Director of Publicity

Welcome New Spring 2020 Choralers!

We are so excited to welcome the following new members to the University Chorale this semester! Thank you so much to all of those who auditioned! Welcome to the family!

Soprano IIAlto IAlto IITenor IIBassDeferred 
Maria ZunigaKatie HughesMadison MoeykensDavid ChubaAbraham Wilkins Heather Lee
Brielle DonawhoAnessa WermersNicolas DuboisTyler Osborne
 Xiuxian (Ira) Cui