Welcome New Members! Fall 2017

Before we get to the results, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who auditioned this year. We had an absolutely fantastic turnout and we were blessed to have such a large pool of talented singers audition for the Chorale. Unfortunately, because of the quantity of singers we received this year, we had to be very selective in our audition process. If your name does not appear on the list below, we fully encourage you to audition in the future.

The names of those accepted are below. We are so happy to welcome you all to the Chorale family! Our first rehearsal is this afternoon, Thursday, September 7th at 4:30 pm, and we can’t wait to see you.

Reminder to the freshmen: We understand that you have Convocation today.  We ask that you still come to our rehearsal and arrive dressed and ready to go.  Let your RA or RD know beforehand that you won’t be walking down with your floor to Convocation and the barbecue.  We’ll let you go with enough time to eat and walk with your class.

Sop 1 Sop 2 Alto 1 Tenor Baritone Bass
Alison Cool Caroline Southard  Arissa Shaw  Javier Diaz Spencer Aitken  Alexander Gardiner
Ally Lardner Emily McConnell  Emma Farnham  Joey Gatti Ethan Gilbert Colin Guanco
Julianna Gerold  Jessica Lally  Isabella Minacapilli Michael Considine John Genman Douglas Girardot
Katie Richards Loundes mccasabas  Jessika Hernandez Olver Grella Jonathon Baccay Giancarlo Gentili
Yanli (Jamie) Xiong Natalie Maxam  Kristie Martin  Ryan Pass Kieran roth Hal Knowlton
Olivia Constantino  Maggie Lane  Souman Bhattacharya Christopher Sundaram John Paul
 Alto 2 Shannon Dinsmore  Meave Christ  Tabi Arrey Daniel Sung John Tsimis
Alice Yang Veronica Moreno  Meave Ronan  Matthew Walsh David O’neill Patrick Mcmahon
Annabel Hudson Walker Zuanting (Sherry) Tang Tiffany Brooks Gregory kacergis Zixuan Wu
Courtney Lyons Michael Iantosla
Elena Michaelides
Emma Dalton
Gina Case
Grace Cavahagh Sofia Vittoria
Loida Luna Samantha Chelo
monica Orona Nelle Douglas