The Chorale officers are ten upperclassmen who serve as the leaders of the organization, and work closely with our director, John Finney, and our faculty advisor, Stephen Principi, to make the Chorale run smoothly on all fronts.  Each spring, the Chorale elects five sophomores who will then serve as officers for both their junior and senior years.  The officers are a tight-knit and dedicated group who strive to make Chorale a friendly, fun, and supportive atmosphere for all members.

CC9A898F-7233-4597-8B0C-9A78777352CARyan Kitz, ’23: President61364112-9B6B-4338-BCBE-6086CCD813D1Lily Ratliff, ’23 : Vice President and Treasurer

04810B6E-224C-4341-98BB-AF0B063BC15ABridget Corcoran, ’23: Social Director

D8932F22-E90A-4AF4-9E0D-D2725905FA5ANicole Graziano, ’23: Soprano/Alto Secretary

1E506E27-C9BF-4C32-98BD-0A4B720776A5David Chuba, ’23: Tenor/Bass Secretary

C486F3FA-C561-40C1-B661-83611431C613Christian Landry, ’24: Director of Marketing and Management

9EE6CF81-48AC-4EBA-9E7E-8A66A20B855CNoah Shabahang, ’24: Director of Concert Organization

8497AB8F-0CB5-49C3-876A-C39DB36BC137Bonnie Stewart, ’24: Director of Publicity

2966E8FE-3AB9-4B9F-9201-7E2EBF6DD91CMaddy Getty, ’24: Music Librarian

CD497CBD-A86E-41C9-ACE2-C29229193E6BErin Pender, ’24: Director of Fundraising

Photos made by Bonnie Stewart!