Welcome to our new Spring 2016 members!

Before we get to the results, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who auditioned this week!  We were extremely pleased with the turnout for our spring auditions. Unfortunately, because of the quantity of singers we received this year, we had to be very selective in our audition process. If your name does not appear on the list below, we fully encourage you to audition in the future.

The names of those accepted are below. We are so happy to welcome you all to the Chorale family! Our first rehearsal is THIS AFTERNOON, January 21st at 4:30 pm in Lyons 423, and we can’t wait to see you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Chorale President, Andrew Malley, at malleya@bc.edu.

Christina Agudelo
Jason Chu
Andrea Cuartero
Kuiye Du
Andrew Gillis
Nicole Gouveia
Caitlin Keenan
Connor Kerpius
Elizabeth Koennecke
Winnie Liang
Chrissy Lorica
Yao Lu
Amelia Orlando
Anna Reganis
Becky Reilly
Nicholas Russell
Miranda Turner
Kara Verma
Katherine Vitale
Yiwen Zhang