Welcome, New Members: Fall 2015

Before we get to the results, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who auditioned this year. We had an absolutely fantastic turnout and we were blessed to have such a large pool of talented singers audition for the Chorale. Unfortunately, because of the quantity of singers we received this year, we had to be very selective in our audition process. If your name does not appear on the list below, we fully encourage you to audition in the future.

The names of those accepted are below. We are so happy to welcome you all to the Chorale family! Our first rehearsal is tomorrow, September 10th at 4:30 pm, and we can’t wait to see you.

Reminder to the freshmen: Because Convocation is tomorrow, we ask that you still come to our rehearsal but arrive dressed and ready to go. Let your RA or RD know beforehand that you won’t be walking down with your floor to Convocation and the barbeque, and we’ll let you go in enough time.

Sop 1 Sop 2 Alto Tenor Baritone Bass
May Bennett Angelica Carberry Agata Atayde Sebastian Biber Nick Charbonneau Georges Chavez
Cecilia Christman Lydia Cao Lexi Auth Stephen Gorson Alex Gum Nicholas Edel
Sarah Early Simone Candé Lina Boehmer Joseph Lin Zach Kobokovich Michael Proietta
Madison Hynes Hope Flynn Kayla Causey Alec Saxe Grant Martin Nicholas Swancott
Maria Khoudary Meitong Huang Jaclyn Chan Christian Moro
Caroline Merritt Christina Karl Ivey Choi Max Piepgras
Sarah Niermann Mindy Kim Britta Gullahorn Michael Stephens
Emma Price Morgan Mahoney Haley Holmes Fengshu (Alan) Yang
Sarah Ratton Kathryn Sullivan Maddy Karsten Daniel Young
Auburn Stephenson Elizabeth Wollan Elyse Mackenzie
 Emma Wang Nuolin (Snow) Zhou Megan Mellon
Carolyn Muller
Katie Murney
Lauren Noonan
Jessica Osburn
Emily Pan
Dorothy Peng
Katya van Anderlecht
Anna Waisgerber
Fei Wang
Margaret Williams
Jillian Zavistaski
Xiwen Zong