Chorale Cabaret! 2015

On January 23, 2015, Chorale held its first ever cabaret event!  This was a fantastic opportunity for choralers to showcase their special, and sometimes exotic, talents.  The acts were as follows:

  1. The Lady Officers
  2. Brandon Ray, accompanied by Andrew Malley
  3. Abby Kopec
  4. James Breen
  5. Hannah Bowlin, accompanied by Andrew Malley
  6. Me Me Me
  7. The Hillary Clintones 
  8. Mr. Christofferson is my Father
  9. Kate Weidenman
  10. The Sophomore Ladies: Arev, Katlyn, Brittney, Meghan, Jenna, and Hannah

The cabaret was a huge success, and we look forward to more events of this kind in the future.  Our Social Director, Ellie Tanji (pictured below), did a phenomenal job of organizing the event.  Some photos from that night are included below.

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