Welcome New Members to the University Chorale

Congratulations to our new members. Thank you all for auditioning!

To those who do not find their name on this list we apologize. This year we had a large and talented turnout and we had to be especially selective about new members for this spring season. We encourage everyone to audition next semester or audition for other groups on campus such as the Liturgy Arts Group or any other group associated with the Boston College Music Department.

-Jose Magraner

Soprano 1 

Britte de Groot, Kristen Haley, Julia Jung, Julianne Mason, Claudia Pasche, Lauren Robbins

Soprano 2

Jenn Somi Lee, Annie Ludewig, Anna Schwarz


Andrea Barriga, Jenny Cho, Alexis Ditomassi, Rose Foody, Ella Jenak, Eileen Kao, Caroline Maniscalco, Xiomara Munoz, Sarah Rooney,Joanna Saikali, Cassie Yam


Toby Mahier


Andrew Goodwin, Tommy Hull, Drew Kiracofe, Matthew O’Malley, William Parsons, Tim Prier, Tim Rogers


Liam Weir