Congratulations, New Members!

Please check the list below for admitted choristers for Fall 2014. Thank you all for auditioning! Remember, we do have rehearsal Thursday September 11th starting at 4:30 on the 4th floor of Lyons.

To those who do not find their name on this list we apologize. This year we had a large and talented turnout and we had to be especially selective about new members for this fall season. We encourage everyone to audition next semester or audition for other groups on campus such as the Liturgy Arts Group or any other group associated with the Boston College Music Department.


Soprano 1
Galligan Laura
Ge Yinuo (Eleanor)
Kilroy Alexa
Padilla Sabrina
Whalen Sarah
Soprano 2
Almqvist Disa
Barnes Kristy
Buckel Lindsay
Cavaluzzi Caroline
Dauwer Caitlin
Flanagan Clare
Kerr Katherine
LaConte Michelle
Marcotte Elise
Mullen Melissa
Myrose Jamie
Panero Maria Eugenia
Peaslee Anna
Seoyoung Jang Michelle
Soroka Sofia
Adoga Ejuma
Cho Jenny
Dwyer Emma
Galagher Casey
Jensen Robin
Kim Annie
Koumanelis Alexandra
Leddy Maddy
Li Joy
Liu Jingyi (Janice)
McElroy Ansley
Menna Valerie
Sarmiento Sabrina
Sota Emily
Sperl Mimi
Stern Maggie
Strauss Lauren
Yagaloff Emma
Yang Candice
Bechtold Max
Burke Michael
Cascone Frank
Dols Eddie
Hinman Andrew
Liddy George
Santisi Michael
Dalton Connor
Donohue Kyle
Eckert Billy
Hammond Andrew
O’Sheafarren Devin
Rocchio-Gordano Nicholas
Somi Peter
Sullivan Michael
Van Dalsem Will
Wang Michael
Lopez Jesse
Santostefano Tyler