Nova Wang ’21 — Director of Concert Organization

Meet your riser kaiser!

Major: Finance (It’s all about the dollar bills/paper, ya know?)

Minor: Music and Sociology (The ways that I attempt to balance out being a CSOMer)

Hometown: Rutland, VT (Also known as RutVegas to those native to Vermont)

Voice Part: Bass (Not the instrument)

Favorite Song: Alive by Khalid (Not DJ Khaled, a very important clarification)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Oreo (I know this is a cookie/snack, but believe it or not, it also happens to be an ice cream flavor!)

Why I love Chorale: Before college, I had never actually sang anywhere other than my shower. Chorale has allowed me a safe space to find my voice, not just as a singer, but as a student leader. Since joining chorale my second semester freshman year, I have always felt so welcomed and have met some of my closest friends through the group. Every concert, I find myself getting chills from the beautiful music we make. It is truly an honor to be an officer for such a passionate and caring group of people and I can’t wait for what the next two years have in store! (Nothing cheesy to add to this one, just chorale love.)